Other sites devoted to
South Jersey History, Heritage and Genealogy, etc.....

NJ Pine Barrens: Exploring the Ghost Towns of Southern New Jersey

Small Towns, Black Lives - Photographs by Wendel A. White, with essays

"Ghost-town" links with several South Jersey sites

Mark Demitroff's Publications on South Jersey Geology

South Jersey History and Genealogy ("Brian & Kim's" page - census, marriage & cemetery data, good links and more)

BJ Swartz's New (not so secretly South) Jersey Page

Another Pine Barrens site (pineypower.com)

1920s New Jersey Highways This is for the whole state, not just South Jersey. It has great old maps, photos, and thorough explanations for the different numbering systems used before the US Highway system was implemented. Very fun site! (for instance: US 30 was old NJ Route 3)

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