West Jersey/South Jersey Maps

Mostly this page will have links to sites that have the best high resolution images that I can find. I won't be re-hosting those images (copyright issues) but I will try to provide links and easy instruction on any viewers that are necessary once you get there.

The easiest place to get to a wide variety is the Rutgers site:
   New Jersey Historical Maps

but here is a list of some of my favorite places from that site and others:

   USGS topos from 1890s, 1940s and "Current Maptech MAPServer Quad"
   David Rumsey's (ENORMOUS) Map Collection -
         Maps not downloadable, but the link for the Insight browser works well for me
   Called "Historical Maps of Pennsylvania" but .... Jersey comes along for the ride in most -
         - especially in the early maps. Nicely chronological if you click the links ABOVE the thumbnails.
   A VERY detailed view of the 1685 version of the Visscher map -
         takes some manipulation and requires "Mr. SID" viewer that is downloadable there
   A map of the Pinelands Designations -
         Pinelands National Reserve vs. Preservation Area District vs. 8 Special-Use Areas (whew!)

   If you haven't tried Google Earth, well then...you simply must!! Requires downloading the program -
         ....and may not work well with dial-up, but it is just awesome. Click here for tips.

And ....... The votes are in !!!!!!              (WEST JERSEY LIVES !!!! :-)

South Jersey Mystery Marker!

Can anyone identify this??

FAGS9 ? Click for more detail on markings and location.....

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