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2016 Fifth Month 2nd
     - Stockton University's South Jersey Culture and History Center has published the first issue of its new journal titled SoJourn. Steve Chrenoski and I wrote an article about the differences between North and South Jersey. You can read about the issue and find ordering information here: SoJourn

2011 First Month 7th
     - Hoorah! While others spend their vacations snorkeling in Aruba I relaxed myself by finishing this project to have a reference of all the population data for South Jersey municipalities. Click on the county name to get to the page with municipality data. Each county page has four tables, and a clickable index at the top. There are two tables for population numbers, and two tables for the percentage that each municipality represents of the total county population. It took two tables for each data type both because one table would be too wide for the screen, and because the sources for the data differed. The first of each two tables covers up through the 1905 mid-decade NJ census, and the second table picks up with 1910. I guess before too long I will have the 2010 census data to add. Next vacation. :-) Check out the notes at the bottom of the county pages (all are the same) to find more resources on population statistics. And a special shout-out to Ed Fox! :-)

2011 First Month 2nd
     - I have added to my material on slavery and voting the results of an 1863 bill to exclude out-of-state African-Americans from becoming NJ residents, and to deport those who stayed longer than 10 days to the West Indies or Liberia. This is linked to my summary page on slavery and voting as point #4. Thanks to Paul W. Schopp for pointing out to me the article in the journal New Jersey History, Winter 1969 (87:4).

2010 Twelfth Month 8th
     - An inquiry I received at the Atlantic County Historical Society last Saturday encouraged me to dust off a half-finished project from about five years ago - getting data from the 1906 NJ "Compendium of Censuses" onto the web. You can find that here. Click on the County names at the top of the table to see the details by municipality. This should enable researchers to see where population centers moved around

2010 First Month 9th
     - I have updated some links in my West Jersey Chronology which point to transcripts of colonial charters hosted by Yale University's Avalon Project. Some time back Avalon restructured their files/folders/directories. There are really many "dead links" at my site since this past year has been so busy at work. I've had very little time, energy or spare creativity to keep my site well-maintained. I would complain more about this here, but I've already ranted at my LiveJournal page. I'm sure you are eager to go there right away to read my rants, but if you have the time I would much rather you look over my chronology and let me know if you see errors or omissions - I am much better at responding to such concerns than I am in doing overhauls, though these are much needed.

2009 Fourth Month 27th
     - Added a link to an article on my page for Peace Pilgrim. I wrote this article for the Down Jersey Folklife Center newsletter, South Jersey Traditions, but they abridged it in a way that radically changed my intended flow. The original article was designed to talk about how widely known Peace is internationally, starting with a statue on the grounds of the United Nations University for Peace, the U.N.-Mandated Graduate School of Peace and Conflict Studies in Ciudad Colon, Costa Rica. Then I contrast that with how Egg Harbor City did not acknowldege her for many decades, but that finally they have recognized her with a dedicated Park. I end with paragraph about a statue, parallel with the first paragraph, but this time the statue is in EHC. The DJFC editors must have thought I was taking too long to get to the point about EHC, so they just replaced the Costa Rica statue paragraph with the EHC one.

2009 Third Month 21st
     - Added a link to "South Jersey County and Municipal links " page for "History of Spring Garden Inn". It is "Site #2" under Winslow Township, which is under "Camden County." The Spring Garden Inn is near Ancora, on Old White Horse Pike between Waterford Works and the site of the old glass works at Winslow. If you are headed west on Route 30 from Hammonton to Berlin, you can see the big white Inn off to your right just after you go over the train overpass near Ancora (Spring Garden Road). I met the owner the other day and he told me that the old Inn is for sale. Here is a link to the information page: "Our House."

2009 Third Month 14th
     - Added a link to "South Jersey County and Municipal links " page for "Vineland Historical and Antiquarian Society". Rather than identify this as just a general site of interest (e.g., Site #2), as most of the links are, I have explicitly called the link "Historical Society."

2009 Second Month 28th
     - Added a link to "South Jersey County and Municipal links " page for "Mount Ephraim History". I'm a little embarrassed that I've not updated the site in so long. Many other projects ongoing, but I hope to revitalize this with more new material soon.

2007 Twelfth Month 28th
     - Added a link to "South Jersey Arts & Cultural Organizations" page for the "Society for Poets of Southern New Jersey" which is hosted at this site. Also updated some links (including a corrected link for Galloway Cultural Arts Center). Deleted some dead links for the South Jersey Wind Ensemble, the Atlantic City Film Festival and SouthJerseyArts.org. If you know where any of these went, please let me know so that I can restore them!

2007 Ninth Month 11th
     - Did a major update of "Where was the West Jersey/East Jersey line?" in order to give clear visual indications of where the various lines were and how they compare to each other.

2007 Ninth Month 10th
     - Updated "Where was the West Jersey/East Jersey line?" to better describe the Keith-Coxe-Barclay line.
     - Updated "The Barnegat-Pennsauken line" to account for there being no Barnegat Creek today.

2007 Ninth Month 8th
     - Significant revision of the page on Mason-Dixon Line to replace an obsolete reference and a reference that confused the Mason-Dixon Line with the 1820 Missouri Compromise Line. Also expanded on the absurdity of extending the M-D line beyond its original purpose. Added an 1861 map to show how contemporaries classified NJ at the onset of the war.

2007 Eighth Month 24th
     - Edited page on Mason-Dixon Line to highlight absurdity of extending it beyond its original purpose, and also added a link back to the page describing the slavery situation in South Jersey.

2007 Eighth Month 23rd
     - Edited page on Peace Pilgrim to link to an article on the dedication of Peace Pilgrim Park. Also cleaned up the grammar a bit.

2007 Seventh Month 26th
     - Minor editing of Definitions page to point back to West Jersey Consciousness page

2007 Third Month 30th
     - Added Vincentown under Southhampton on South Jersey County and Municipality links
     - Found a replacement site on Weekping, now Site 3 under Southampton, on South Jersey County and Municipality links
     - I've started a "What's New?" page! :-)

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