West Jersey and South Jersey Heritage

This site is devoted to the History of South Jersey and
its roots in the Quaker colony of West Jersey (1674 to 1703)*

•  What is West Jersey? (and where was the border?)
•  Definitions of South Jersey
•  An excellent introductory book: South Jersey Heritage (R. Craig Koedel, 1979)
•  What is the relation of West Jersey to South Jersey?    
•  The "Constitution" of West Jersey
•  A (start at a) West Jersey Chronology   
•  Population data for South Jersey
•  Discussion of Slavery and Voting in South Jersey
•  Railroad evolution into South Jersey (1832 - 1897)
•  More maps (a portal)    
•  West Jersey/South Jersey Links
•  Feature: Egg Harbor City: History and new publication of an 1859 EHC German newspaper
•  What's New?
•  Bibliography
*•  Why this site uses 1674 and 1703 for the dates of West Jersey

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